How To Choose The Best Shopify Development Company To Set Up Your Online Store

Why is Shopify trending for eCommerce stores?

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, the question naturally arises: Why is Shopify gaining such momentum among eCommerce platforms? The answer lies in its simplicity, efficiency, and security. Holding a notable 3.69 percent share of the eCommerce market, Shopify has become a go-to choice for online business owners. But what truly distinguishes this platform?

Shopify empowers business owners to fashion eCommerce stores according to their vision without straining their budgets. Its user-friendly interface caters to a wide range of manufacturers and sellers, offering robust security measures and round-the-clock customer support. Notably, Shopify prioritizes mobile responsiveness, crucial in today’s digital landscape.

While professional developers can effortlessly set up Shopify stores, even novices can navigate the platform with ease. Once established, managing a Shopify store is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface and hassle-free hosting, sparing owners from concerns about hosting fees or unexpected surges in traffic.

Shopify ensures secure transactions and maintains impeccable server maintenance standards. Should any queries arise, their customer support team stands ready 24/7. Moreover, dedicated iPhone and Android apps empower business owners to oversee their stores from anywhere, facilitating swift adjustments even on the go.

Even when opting to enlist dedicated Shopify developers, costs remain reasonable compared to platforms like Magento. Indeed, Shopify development proves far more cost-effective than building a website from scratch. Before diving into average costs, let’s delve into some of the remarkable benefits Shopify offers savvy business owners.

Some amazing benefits that make Shopify stand out from the crowd

Top Amazing Benefits Of Choosing Shopify

Shopify really offers some amazing benefits that set it apart from many eCommerce platforms. The store is highly customizable, offers a plethora of tools to empower manufacturers and sellers, comes with plenty of integrations, has a dedicated payment gateway, and offers great customer support and mobile-friendly features. You can avail of Shopify development services to avail all the features and optimize your efforts. Read the 10 reasons to choose Shopify, if you haven’t already.

1. Shopify is highly customizable

Shopify offers over 150 mobile-responsive themes for your eCommerce store’s UI. This provides business owners, product manufacturers, and sellers a lot of flexibility, as they don’t have limited options to choose from. You can rest assured that your website and store will look different from those of your competitors, fulfilling all your requirements.

2. Shopify has in-built marketing and SEO tools

Shopify’s in-built SEO tools help you stay on top of online searches. Shopify’s SEO tools enable your website and eCommerce store to rank higher so that customers can find you for relevant keywords. You can also integrate email marketing and social media handles, create discount codes, add accounting software, and many other useful features to help spread your basket wide.

3. Shopify has a secure, dedicated payment gateway

Shopify’s dedicated payment gateway makes it easy for store owners to process transactions. The chances of transactions getting stuck or delayed are minimized, thanks to Shopify’s dedicated high-duty servers.

4. Shopify’s mobile-friendly features for customers and businessmen

Shopify’s mobile-friendliness is great not only for customers but business owners as well. The store you set up with the help of Shopify adapts easily to computer devices as well as mobiles. Store owners can then access and manage their stores with the help of free iOS and Android mobile applications, and make necessary functional changes and send messages using these applications.

5. Shopify’s customer support services

Shopify’s customer support services are really good. They support their clients really well, and you can reach their customer support executives via email, phone as well as chat. All your issues are easily resolved and Shopify would be happy to help you.

Shopify is easy to manage and customize, and you can develop specialized stores using the eCommerce platform. You can also contact a Shopify development company if you want to create a customized eCommerce website with special requirements for your customers.

SunTec India also offers Shopify bulk product upload services so that you can upload all your products with search engine optimized content, category management, inventory management, and order processing management.

Shopify development services you require for your Business

As mentioned above, you can create a specialized Shopify store if you hire eCommerce developers. We will mention some of the services most buyers and sellers require to ensure their store is well set up and good to go.

1. Shopify store setup

Shopify store setup is the most basic service you need. Try to set up a store that is visually appealing, feature-rich, and cross-platform compatible.

2. Shopify store configuration

This involves the installation of a theme relevant to your eCommerce store, entering product information, uploading images, entering categories, etc.

3. Theme design and customization

Theme design and customization involve layout design and customization of features that help your eCommerce website. Theme design and customization is a part of Shopify development services.

4. Third-party app integration

Third-party applications such as social media handles, shipping options, and payment gateways should be integrated to your store to make payments and sharing easy for your customers.

5. Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO helps you attract more visitors to your eCommerce website. Once you get your SEO basics right with the help of eCommerce website development services, you can always attract customers organically to your store.

How to choose the best Shopify Development Company

If you are wondering how to choose a shopify development company, there are a few factors you can look at. You should go for the companies which justify these factors the best.

1. Top-Notch UI/UX

Go for a company that offers top-notch UI and UX services. Ask the service provider for a catalog of sample UIs and look for variety and functionality. What is more essential than the number of options is getting options that suit your requirements.

2. Advanced functionality

Functionality matters especially if your Shopify store has a large number of products with multiple images and advanced elements. If your Shopify store has multiple integrations, there are chances that it will affect your website speed. Your Shopify development company must ensure smooth functioning regardless of the level of functionality.

3. Transaction limitations and payment integrations

All payment methods must be available on your Shopify store, to encourage all kinds of customers to buy products at their own comfort level. Transactional limitations should be minimal so that customers can buy multiple products and make bulk orders. The eCommerce website development services provider must ensure the server works smoothly amid heavy traffic.

4. Simplified Navigation

No matter how highly functional or complex your Shopify store is, or how many products it has – ease of navigation is really important. Even if you have a large number of product categories, your store developer must ensure easy searchability of products and categories on the homepage. The developer must include a sitemap. Static and non-product pages should be easy to navigate as well.

5. Affordable Pricing

Pricing is a really important factor while choosing a Shopify development company. Good companies might charge you high prices for some specific services, but the overall pricing should be reasonable enough for large-scale and long-term projects. We will discuss the market prices below in detail, to help you hire eCommerce developers for your Shopify store.

Cost of hiring Shopify developers & outsourcing projects

You can hire dedicated Shopify developers to set up, maintain and service your store if and when needed. The initial setup process is really crucial and must be discussed in detail. Planning is essential before getting started, but it is also important to have an idea of the general market rates of availing of Shopify development services.

Experienced freelancers typically charge anywhere between $50 per hour to $100 per hour for professional Shopify eCommerce website development services. However, freelancers might work on multiple projects simultaneously, so it is better to sign them exclusively for a fixed period of time.

A Shopify development company can charge anywhere between $4,000 to $25,000 for a project while working on a fully customized Shopify store. The best thing about such companies is that multiple people will work on each aspect of your Shopify store. You can discuss all your requirements freely and avail of customer service whenever required.

Outsource Shopify development services

Outsourcing Shopify development services helps sellers create customized stores that can fulfill all their requirements and serve their customers well. Outsource Shopify development services to client-driven eCommerce website development companies with a rich experience, technical expertise, data security, and a transparent environment.

SunTec India offers high-quality, customized Shopify development services for all business types at 70% reduced costs and a quick turnaround time. Get to know more about how SunTec India developed a dedicated eCommerce app with multilingual features. You can get a free quote by emailing all your requirements to


Top Questions Answered:


Why should I use Shopify to set up my online marketplace?

AShopify offers various advantages to product sellers, such as highly customizable stores, built-in SEO features, 24*7 customer service, dedicated mobile application for managing the store, secure and dedicated payment gateway, and an easy to use interface. Shopify also has dedicated servers to handle huge traffic loads and multiple transactions.


What are the various services I require to set up my Shopify store?

ATo develop personalized Shopify stores, sellers can opt for various services such as Shopify store setup, Shopify store configuration, theme selection, design and customization, third-party app integration, and Shopify SEO.


How should I choose a web development company to avail Shopify development services?

AYou should choose a Shopify web development company that can fulfill all your requirements within your desired budgets. Choose companies that offer a good range of UI/UX designs, ease of navigation, advanced functionality, and increased transactional limits along with payment integrations for your online Shopify store.


Why should I outsource Shopify development services to SunTec India?

ASunTec India offers quality Shopify development services, offering multiple sub services at 70% reduced costs compared to other Shopify development companies. SunTec India has an experienced team with over 20 years of experience, having catered to thousands of clients in over 30 countries. SunTec India offers a variety of store UI/UX designs and highly customized Shopify stores to fulfill all your requirements. SunTec India guarantees you the lowest turnaround time in the market for Shopify development services.


What other Shopify services does SunTec India offer?

ASunTec India offers Shopify store set up, SEO, theme design, 24*7 customer support for your Shopify store, Shopify migration, Shopify mobile app development and Shopify POS development. SunTec India also offers eCommerce website and application development services from scratch using different types of stacks and technologies that suit your requirement.

AShopify offers various advantages to product sellers, such as highly customizable stores, built-in SEO features, 24*7 customer service, dedicated mobile application for managing the store, secure and dedicated payment gateway, and an easy to use interface. Shopify also has dedicated servers to handle huge traffic loads and multiple transactions.

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