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Choosing the best catalog designer depends on your specific needs, budget, and design preferences. Below are some options, both software tools and professional services, to consider:

Adobe InDesign:

Adobe InDesign is a professional desktop publishing software widely used for designing catalogs. It offers advanced layout and design capabilities.

Professional Graphic Designers:

Hiring a professional graphic designer or design agency with experience in catalog design can provide you with a highly customized and visually appealing catalog.


Canva is a user-friendly online design tool that offers catalog templates and a drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible to those without design experience.


Lucidpress is an online design platform that provides templates and collaborative features for catalog design. It’s suitable for teams working on catalog projects.


Venngage is a design tool focused on creating infographics and visual content. It can be useful for adding infographics or data-driven elements to your catalogs.

Additional Info

Certainly, here are some additional considerations to help you choose the best catalog designer or design tool:

Portfolio and Experience:

When hiring a professional graphic designer or agency, review their portfolio to assess the quality and style of their previous catalog designs. Experience in your industry can be a significant advantage.

Design Versatility:

Consider whether the designer or design tool is versatile enough to handle different types of catalogs, from product catalogs to digital magazines or brochures.

Collaboration and Teamwork:

If you’re working with a team on the catalog, ensure that the designer or tool supports collaboration, allowing multiple team members to contribute to the design process.


Think about your future needs. Will the chosen designer or tool be able to scale with your business as your catalog design requirements grow and change?

Support and Resources:

Evaluate the availability and quality of customer support and resources provided by the designer or software provider. Good support can be valuable when you encounter issues or need guidance.

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